My Place

So way back in 2005 I started this site as a way to teach myself HTML. The name is near and dear to me.

I intend to hold on to this because if my fledgling Video group GRUMPY GECKO PRODUCTIONS has a foothold in the interwebs it was way back in 2005.

Theater work, Set Design, Lighting, and Studio Work should be covered here BUT there are so many other blogs that I work though, that this site is sorely neglected.

I use this now as a place holder for:


I wondered that this site is the source of spam so I deleted all the previous posts. It was a chuckle to go back over the mindless ramblings. I had forgotten about the Jack Bauer Speed Kill record. Good times…good times.

peace and gecko grease

Welcome to Grumpy Gecko

Hi all and welcome to the next try at learning the web. If any of you followed my other website Hall of Mirrors HoM. got to follow along as I blundered through teaching myself HTML. And I know that the updates were slow coming. But the one thing missing, to me anyway, was feedback from the literally 3 people that read HoM. And there were 2 options available. First start up a full blow message board, which after seeing the big ones I’ve lurked around, I dont want to put out those kind of fires. Way too much work. Second was follow in the footsteps of Brett Abbott, and do a blogg. People can post comments disccussions can be had, rants can be ranted and I learn more about the web. I am all about the learning.
So why Grumpy Gecko? Well it all goes back to the audience of 3 I have and Brett Abbott once again. Way back when, we would make cassettes of music and swap them around, but the most prolific of music swappers was Brett. And for a while Brett labeled the music he made for us under a production house name. My was originally Ghastly Gecko, but after a fateful trip to take our friend Leta (Hi Leta) to her first amusment park (ie Disney World) my nickname got changed to grumpy. And the seeds of my real production company Grumpy Geck Productions were born out of that.
About myself. I am a technophile, a martial artist, a history buff, a reenactor of several time periods, I teach at a community television station, and I play games, all types, but World of Warcraft has been the latest all consuming game.
I had originally envisioned my other site to be a tutorial site for me learning to do Half life 2 level building, and machinima. But that was slow in the coming. And maybe I will try to do something like that here. But the Blogg is much more a place where I can vent and see what people think about the rants a raves that fall from my fingertips.